If you've ever taken a book out of a library, or read something about the illuminated manuscripts of the Middle Ages, you'll have encountered marginalia, which are comments or illustrations in (obviously) the margins of books. Library books frequently have words, sentences, or entire paragraphs highlighted, underlined, or circled. Maybe you like to write notes in the margins or highlight passages in your own books.

I don't like to mark my books, having grown out of doodling (in books) years ago. But as I enjoy reading books and often want to comment upon them, I decided to start this blog as a forum for just that; better still, I can have a conversation about whatever books I am reading, and what I think of them, with others.

I'm also interested in the theory and practice of virtue, so this blog is also going to be an exploration of the virtues.

I hope you enjoy what you read; please feel free to comment - I look forward to some interesting conversation.

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