Reader Recommendations: January

It's that time of month, for you out there to recommend books for me to read and comment upon for next month. I've enjoyed the recommended books for November (some of which due to various circumstances I have, ahem, not yet finished reading and writing about).

Before making a recommendation, I suggest you read the guidelines on the page, 'How to Recommend Books'. Just select the hyperlink here, or you can click on the link of the same name on the right-hand side under the heading 'Pages'.

Don't forget to make your recommendations in the comments section of this post!

For January, it can be any sort of books you have in mind. The three books will be randomly chosen (I shall draw them from out of a hat) from the list of recommendations. I will be selecting the books on Thursday (December 16).

I'm looking forward to seeing your recommendations!


  1. Have you done The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman?
    Also, Mistress of Nothing by Kate Pullinger. Historical fiction based on the later years of Lady Duff Gordon who went to Egypt for her health. The book describes Duff Gordon's fascination with the society and mores around her, and the relationship she had with her lady's maid, who was her sole companion.

  2. Thanks, dee!

    I usually add one recommendation per person, so I'll put Mistress of Nothing, since I have never heard of it before. I'll add The Golden Compass to my list of books on the back burner.


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