Update: Singing the Marginal Blues

Early in January I suddenly became busy taking an intensive pastoral care course at the Civic Hospital (one campus of the amalgamated Ottawa Hospital).

Such is the nature of this course that I have had little time to write for this blog. It would be more accurate to say, rather, that I have not made the time to write for this blog. As I am beginning to work on the management of time, an aspect of the practice of virtue, I will find more time to write here as I waste less of time doing other things. Since, however, CPE cannot be categorised as a 'waste of time', I probably won't be on here frequently.

Like James Bond or the Termintator, I will be back.


  1. I'm glad! I love reading your stuff.

    Props to you on the pastoral care - I wouldn't be strong enough to handle that.

  2. Thanks Alyson!

    It occurs to me that I've read a few books during the course of my studies which would be interesting to comment upon. Hmm...


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