September Selections

You may not remember, but as I noted in my post when I announced the books selected from reader recommendations for August, I chose at random three books from the list of books 'on the back burner' for September, which is why I didn't canvass for recommendations this month.

So, without more ado, the books selected for September:

The Apprentice: My Life in the Kitchen, by Jacques Pepin.

Genesis: The Movie, by Robert Farrar Capon.

Urban Meltdown, by Clive Doucet.

My congratulations and thanks to those whose previous recommendations were selected: Elizabeth, Emily, & Lauren!

Following this selection of books from the back burner, I will be back to requesting recommendations starting in October. I will be shortly clearing the list of books from the back burner, so thank you to everyone who recommended books, and I am sorry if your recommendation wasn't chosen! Just keep recommending books and, with any luck, one of your recommendations will be selected sooner or later.

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